Benefit Of Studying Abroad

The option to study abroad can present a wide range of beneficial experiences for the young person. One of the most appealing aspects is the ability to learn and appreciate the culture of a different country and really see how other people live. Plus, it can really help to bring out a person’s independent nature. Let’s take a look at four of the key benefits:

Discover a new country

A great reason to apply to study abroad is the opportunity to experience life in a brand-new country. This makes it possible to appreciate different activities, customs, and outlooks. In addition to studying, the time in your host country can include exploring the local landmarks, museums, natural wonders and new terrains. Also, there may be plenty of opportunities to visit neighboring countries. For instance, if you are studying in a European country, it can be very easy to reach other major cities like Rome, Barcelona, Paris and London.

Great education

The ability to study aboard makes it possible to learn a qualification or experience a different style of education that isn’t an option at home. Also, when you are away from home with fewer distractions, there is a greater chance that you will fully immerse yourself in your education.

Also, this has the potential to enhance your future career opportunities because the option to study abroad will show you have a willingness to learn, a great education, the likelihood of better language skills, and a new perspective on culture.

Experience a new culture

For many young students, this could be their first time away from home for an extended period of time. This makes it a great time to learn many new life experiences, including the local culture of the host country. Even after a short period of time in a new country, you can soon learn to appreciate and understand the local people, social atmospheres, traditions, customs, and history.

Discover new interests

A further wonderful reason to look elsewhere to study is the ability to discover new interests and activities. Many of the new things picked up in a host country may not even be possible at home. After trying out new things, there is a chance that you will find you have a talent for a local activity or sport like golf, snow skiing, water sports or hiking. Also, there will likely be plenty of fun and exciting ways to stay entertained, such as going to concerts, nightclubs, movies, or plays.

Understanding Clinical Research

Device and drug testing commences with laboratory research that can encompass years of experiments on animals and on human cells. If the primary laboratory research turns out to be successful, then the researchers send the information to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for consent for the continuation of the research and testing on humans.

Once the drug and device has been approved, human testing of the experimental drug and the devices can commence and typically takes place in four different stages. Every phase is considered as separate trials and after the completion of the specific phases, the investigators have to turn in their data from FDA prior to continuing to the next phase.

Procedure of human clinical trails

Phase I studies

The phase 1 studies evaluate the safety of the drug or the device. This primary phase of testing can take up to multiple months to finish, normally encompasses a small number of healthy volunteers mainly from 20 to 100 people. The people are paid for participating in the phase. The whole study is designed to determine the impact of the device or the drug on humans including how it is taken in, metabolised and then excreted. This phase of study also investigates side effects, if any, which might occur when the number of doses is increased. More than 65{60059f49a4586c1ca237b01fb9b283aee67c2e98a81fdc45d657f0ea1c561e5d} of the experimental drugs have to undergo this phase of testing.

Phase II studies

The second phase of study tests the efficacy of the device or the drug. This second phase of study can last up to several months or up to two years and includes multiple patients. Most of the second phase of studies are unsystematic trials where a group of patients is divided into two, first group of the patients get the experimental drug while the second half of the whole group gets a standard treatment or a placebo. Often this phase is blinded which signifies that neither the researcher nor the patient is aware of which group received the experimental drug. This permits the investigators to offer pharmaceutical company and the FDA comparative details about the relative safety and effectiveness of the fairly new drug. One third of the experimental drugs successfully finish both the initial phases of the studies.

Phase III studies

This phase of study includes unsystematic as well as blind testing in multiple hundreds to thousands of patients. This broad scale testing that can last upto multiple years offer the FDA and the pharmaceutical company a detailed comprehension of the effectiveness of the drug or the device, the perks and the range possible adverse reaction of the drug or device. More than 70 to 90{60059f49a4586c1ca237b01fb9b283aee67c2e98a81fdc45d657f0ea1c561e5d} of the drugs that make it to this phase are able to complete the requirement of the testing of this phase. Once the third phase has been completed, the pharmaceutical company can make a request to the FDA to approve the marketing of the drug or device.

Phase IV studies

The study of the fourth stage is known as the post-marketing surveillance trails that are conducted after the device or the drug has been approved for sale to the consumers. The pharmaceutical companies have multiple objectives at this stage, such as:

  • Compare the new drug with the drugs that already exist in the market.
  • Monitor the long term effectiveness of the drug as well as its impact on the life of the patient.
  • Determine the cost effectiveness of the drug therapy with the traditional as well as new therapies.

The fourth phase of studies can result in the device or the drug being taken off from the market or restrictions being placed on its use depending upon the outcome that it can produce in the market.

Conquer Your Dreaming For Study Abroad

Studying Abroad is one of the most beneficial decisions for a student, as it not only help them find better career opportunities, but also give them the best experience of a new culture. But just only the thought of leaving your country and settling down in a new place gives Goosebumps. There are a number of things you need to plan and prepare for and if you literally have no idea about what next to do, so, you shouldn’t hesitate to consult Study Abroad Consultants. They will guide you the best for your future. But before that takes a look at the challenges a student may face and how to successfully conquer them.

  • Problem In Finding The Right University: One of the common problem students who want to study abroad face is that they fail to find out the right university to take admission for their bright future. And approaching the consultant is the solution to the problem, as they guide you chooses not only the right course, but also helps in admission and university selection, etc.
  • Accommodation Problems: Visiting a new country and finding the best, safe and cheapest accommodation is easier said than done. Consulting the experts help you find the best accommodation without falling into a fake trap. To conquer the problem, you need to book a place before you leave the country, so, you have a roof to stay in a new place.
  • VISA And Other Documentation: Most of the students fail to go abroad for their higher study because they fail to pass the VISA interview or submitting all the documents required for the same. Well, the only solution to the problem is approaching Study VISA Consultants, who help you arrange all the documents in a correct manner and also prepare you for the VISA interview.
  • Financial Problem: Pursuing higher studies in abroad is costly and therefore, it is important to prepare a budget to sort the things out. Make sure you plan for everything and have some savings to survive in a new country.

These are some of the common problems students may face and one can easily conquer them. Make sure you approach a highly experienced and knowledgeable Overseas Study Consultants, as they’ll help you overcome all the barriers and ease the overall process for you. They’ll help you, from the counseling to final immigration; so, you can mount heights in your career, where sky is the limit.

How To Get Political Career Studies

Politicians in every area of our lives can and should be evaluated against the highest standards of behavior, performance and character before we support them. Political leaders need to know that we have high expectations and will hold them accountable for what they say and do.

The tool that follows will give College Students and others a way to determine how well a Politician’s thinking and behavior matches up with the evaluator’s expectations. Students should read each statement carefully and make a strong effort to be objective.

Your response to each statement should be supported with multiple facts and examples. Cherry picking and including only single events and limited information that supports personal biases will make the results worthless. No evaluation tool works well when it is improperly used to support existing beliefs rather than reveal the truth.

How To Use This Evaluation Tool

a) Name of the Politician: ______________________________________

Title/Location: _____________________________________________

b) Think about this Politician’s words, actions and behavior during the past year or two. Read each statement in A – I below and assign a 1, 0 or -1.

1 = The Politician’s performance in this area is very good.

0 = The Politician’s performance in this area is acceptable.

-1 = The Politician’s performance in this area is very bad.

√ Note: When the statement is not applicable to the Politician being evaluated, you have no opinion on the issue or you just do not know, assign a ‘0.’

c) Before you get started, indicate your current thinking about the qualifications and performance of this Politician. Circleyour answer.

This Politician is: 1) Very Good 2) Acceptable 3) Poor 4) Very Bad


1. This Politician is respected and looked up to by most people. ____

2. This Politician has gained the respect of many other well-known and highly respected leaders, even those who sometimes disagree with him/her. ____

3. With other leaders within our country and around the world, this Politician is respectful and diplomatic. ____

4. This Politician is known for treating everyone with courtesy, dignity and respect. ____

5. This Politician clearly respects the truth, facts and ethical behavior. ____

Section Total – Respect _______


6. This Politician is always sincere, forthright and impartial. ____

7. This Politician admits mistakes, failures and set-backs. ____

8. This Politician does not deceive or mislead people. ____

9. This Politician requires complete honesty and transparency from those around him/her. ____

10. The statements and behavior of this Politician clearly show him/her to be honest in every situation. ____

Section Total – Honesty _______


11. This Politician stands for and always demonstrates the highest levels of ethical behavior and character. ____

12. This Politician always rejects attempts by influential friends and self-interested outsiders to influence his/her behavior or decisions so they can benefit in some way. ____

13. This Politician never participates in any illegal or questionable behavior or activities that could lead to his/her personal gain. ____

14. This Politician would never hide, twist or cloud information or events to prevent the truth from coming out. ____

15. This Politician is known for always doing the right thing. ____

Section Total – Ethical Behavior _______


16. This Politician always delivers on and keeps his/her promises. ____

17. This Politician’s words/actions are consistent and can be trusted. ____

18. This Politician strives to make things clear and understandable. ____

19. This Politician is completely reliable. ____

20. This Politician will not unexpectedly change direction, leave us wondering what has happened or let us down. ____

Section Total – Trust _______


21. This Politician is always viewed by others in a positive way. ____

22. This Politician is classy and gracious. ____

23. This Politician has a stellar reputation. ____

24. People feel excited about working with this Politician. ____

25. This Politician is approachable, friendly, courteous and expresses genuine interest in things that affect or concern you. ____

Section Total – Personal Image _______


26. This Politician does not use personal attacks, name calling, false statements and incorrect information to discredit those who oppose his/her goals, beliefs, statements or behavior. ____

27. This Politician seeks and appreciates honest feedback, is a good listener and listens with an open mind. ____

28. This Politician acts thoughtfully, responsibly and deliberately. ____

29. This Politician is good at building and strengthening relationships. ____

30. This Politician does not abuse or manipulate people and does not play them or use them. ____

Section Total – Personal Behavior _______


31. This Politician has a high regard for the Rule of Law. ____

32. This Politician wants to serve all of his/her constituents. ____

33. This Politician is willing to work with members of the other Political Party in order to build consensus and pass legislation that will solve problems faced by constituents. ____

34. This Politician keeps his/her campaign promises. ____

35. This Politician holds the Constitution in high regard and personally demonstrates the values and principles that make our Country great. ____

Section Total – Political Philosophy _______


36. This Politician has clear goals and plans that are well communicated so that everyone around him/her knows and understands where he/she wants to take our Country and can support that effort. ____

37. This Politician uses experts, research and reliable information to better understand the options and consequences before making decisions. ____

38. This Politician is always looking to the future and strongly supports the businesses, research, technologies, job training and jobs that will keep our country safe and prosperous. ____

39. This Politician demonstrates the ability to bring about consensus, solve problems and overcome obstacles in order to get things done. ____

40. This Politician effectively serves the best interests of constituents. ____

Section Total – Job Performance _______


41. This Politician will protect our Country from all threats to our national security and any foreign interference in the democratic process. ____

42. This Politician will fight for middle/working class Americans and place their needs and welfare ahead of his/her own, ahead of his/her political party and will not favor multi-millionaires over middle class taxpayers. ____

43. This Politician will work diligently to increase the number of higher paying jobs that are available to middle/working class wage earners. ____

44. To combat efforts to influence the decisions and votes of this Politician, he/she will work to close loopholes and limit the amount of money that can be donated to or obtained/received by politicians or their campaigns from large corporations, lobbyists, special interests and other sources. ____

45. This Politician will stand up against anyone who obstructs, slows down or tries to divert the political and legal processes in our Country. ____

Section Total – Political Behavior _______

RESULTS: Double check your responses in A – I above to be certain that your answers were completely objective and not influenced by personal biases. Make any changes that are necessary. After you double check your answers, record the section totals below and circle your answers (Yes or No) to the following questions:

1. Respect (Section Total ____ ) – Does this Politician demonstrate the level of respect you require of a leader? Yes No

2. Honesty (Section Total ____ ) – Does this Politician demonstrate the level of honesty you require of a leader? Yes No

3. Ethical Behavior (Section Total ____ ) – Does this Politician demonstrate the level of ethical behavior you require of a leader? Yes No

4. Trust (Section Total ____ ) – Does this Politician demonstrate the level of trust you require of a leader? Yes No

5. Image (Section Total ____ ) – Does this Politician demonstrate the image you require of a leader? Yes No

6. Personal Behavior (Section Total ____ ) – Does this Politician demonstrate the personal behavior you require of a leader? Yes No

7. Political Philosophy (Section Total ____ ) – Does this Politician demonstrate the political philosophy you require of a leader? Yes No

8. Job Performance (Section Total ____ ) – Does this Politician demonstrate the job performance you require of a leader? Yes No

9. Political Behavior (Section Total ____ ) – Does this Politician demonstrate the political behavior you require of a leader? Yes No

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Grand Total(Combined Section Totals _____ ) – Based on the Grand Total, should you support this Politician in his/her current position or as he/she seeks higher office? See the chart below, then answer Yes or No.

Grand Total – Combined Section Totals for this Political Leader:

25 to 45 = You think this person is a Very Good politician

10 to 24 = You think this person is an Acceptable politician

1 to 9 = You think this person is a Weak politician

-1 to -9 = You think this person is a Poor politician

-10 to -45 = You think this person is a Very Bad politician

~ ~ ~ ~

Did this score’ Confirm’ or did it ‘Change’ your opinion of this Politician?

Circle one: 1) It Confirmed My Opinion 2) It Changed My Opinion

Document your reasons for Supporting or Not Supporting this Politician.









Selecting the most qualified, effective, respected and upstanding candidate for a Political office is critical to the success of our country. Whenever you have a say in the election process, a great responsibility is being placed on your shoulders. Take that responsibility seriously and endeavor to make an objective decision based on facts and information.

In the political arena, all of us should find our voice with regard to improving the quality of our political leaders. Test this tool by using it to evaluate the politicians that touch you and your family the most. It will help to reveal both the strengths and weaknesses of the politician.

You can also use this tool to compare candidates in upcoming political races and then use the results to make your choice.